Best Universities in Australia for Financial Studies

We’ve compiled basic information on some of the best universities for studying for a degree in finance in Australia. These are not presented in any ranking order, so we invite you to do your research to see which is best suited to your geographical location, your career aspirations and your application credentials.

Macquarie University

At just over 50 years old, Macquarie University is relatively young in comparison with many other universities. Located north-west of the Sydney CBD, Macquarie offers the opportunity to personalise degrees and boasts its award-winning internship programs. A hub of research and other facilities including the highly regarded Macquarie University Hospital have developed around the university and the area is a fast-growing Sydney region

Within the Business School, MU offers courses in Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Commerce, Economics, Business Administration, Business Analytics and Finance. The confer a wide number of undergraduate degrees in Finance including Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Applied Finance with numerous options for combined degrees. Head to to investigate the options.

University of Sydney

The University of Sydney was Australia’s first university, established in 1850 and has retained a highly prestigious reputation for over 160 years. Located on the fringe of the Sydney CBD, the campus features historic sandstone buildings which evoke a classic learning atmosphere.

The university offers a Bachelor of Commerce with options to include with other undergraduate degrees such as computing and law. Visit to explore the course options.

University of NSW

Known as Australia’s global university, the University of NSW has a wide range of courses and a diverse, international student population.

Offerings in the finance sector include Bachelor of Actuarial Studies, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics. The campus is located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, close to many facilities including iconic Sydney beaches such as Bondi and Coogee. Visit to see what UNSW has to offer for you.

Australian National University - ANU

Located in the nation’s capital, Canberra, ANU is one of Australia’s most prestigious universities with a strong focus on research and innovation. Business and Commerce study options include international business, policy studies, accounting, commerce, finance, ethics and economic policy. Check out the courses at

University of Melbourne

Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne is Australia’s second oldest university. The uni has 7 campuses in Melbourne and Victorian regions. The university offer over 270 degrees across their study areas. Within the business and commerce schools, studies cover accounting, actuarial studies, economics, econometrics, finance and many more. To see if this is the uni for you, check it out at

There are many other learning institutions in Australia and you can find more information at