Specific Jobs in the Finance Industry

There are a wide selection of roles in the finance industry from entry level internships up to the most senior and highly regarded analysts, senior partners and decision-makers at the highest levels.

Not all jobs in the finance industry require university degree qualifications. Some qualifications can be acquired through technical and private colleges, learning organisations and other education providers. Many jobs in finance require specific training and licensing. For example, finance and mortgage brokers must be licensed by law and most are members of the FBAA. Financial planners must be accredited as a Certified Financial Planning and have 6,000 hours experience.

Many professional level roles in financial services require continuing education to be undertaken as per industry and professional standards guidelines.

The types of jobs available in financial services include:

  • Financial planners and financial advisors
  • Finance brokers and mortgage brokers
  • Accountants, certified public accountants, trustees, book keepers, accounts clerks and administration roles
  • Corporate finance: analysts, treasurers, auditors, actuaries
  • Investment fund managers, hedge fund managers, portfolio manager
  • Analyst, research analyst, financial analyst, s
  • Trader, stock broker, futures trader
  • Regulatory compliance officer
  • Private equity and venture capitalists
  • Insurance representative, customer service, actuary
  • Home lending specialists and customer service in banks
  • Relationship manager – banking sector
  • Credit analyst, credit restructuring
  • Bank branch manager, assistant manager
  • Chief financial officer, financial officer, finance manager, office manager, accounts payable
  • Credit manager
  • Financial crime analyst
  • Management accountant
  • Structured finance specialist
  • Finance and banking lawyers
  • Mergers and acquisitions specialists
  • Project managers
  • Finance media roles including reporters, journalists, writers, presenters
  • Commercial managers
  • Bursars
  • Credit officers
  • Underwriters, credit risk managers
  • Governance specialists
  • Tax accountant, tax advisor, tax regulators
  • Property investment consultants
  • Sales and marketing roles in various finance sector companies
  • Administration and customer service roles in banking, insurance, superannuation companies

There are many jobs available in both the private sector and the Government sector for large and small sized businesses across Australia.