Tips and Hints for Applying for Scholarships and Funding Support

There are a range of scholarships, grants, fee relief, fee assistance and support programs available through educational institutions, corporations and governments.


Understand exactly what you are applying for:

  • Is it a free hand-out or is it a loan that you will be required to repay.
  • Scholarships: you will not have to repay
  • Grants: usually no need to repay
  • Loans: will have to be repaid

Understand what the support covers:

  • Tuition fees only: full or part fees
  • Tuition and living expenses
  • Living expenses away from home or unlimited

Form of payment

Will the monies be paid directly to the education provider or to you and you have to forward

Will the funds be paid in full or in what instalments


When applying for any form of support:

  • Read the criteria and eligibility guidelines carefully.
  • Ensure you meet all the guidelines.
  • If you are in doubt or have questions, contact the organisation to clarify
  • Complete the application form fully and truthfully
  • Make sure you clearly and precisely address every question
  • Ensure your answers are easily understood, legible and easy to read
  • Include referees or references as requested
  • Referees should not be from your family. Ask your teachers, doctor or other professional.
  • If you have disabilities and are having difficulties completing the application form, contact the organisation for assistance