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Working in the finance industry is a very exciting prospect for many young people considering a career. The sector encompasses a range of fields with jobs to suit a wide range of people with different skills and qualifications. The broader financial services sector includes banking, insurance, superannuation and investment. Within those sectors the fields cover retail banking, investment banking, investment advice, corporate finance, analytics, portfolio management, asset management, corporate accounting, mergers and acquisition, financial markets including share traders and stock brokers, finance and mortgage broking, lending and funding and many more.

Many roles in financial services require tertiary qualifications and the competition for acceptance into the best universities for finance degrees can be strong. But there are many universities throughout Australia, the USA, UK and rest of the world that are considered among the best when it comes to offering financial studies.

We bring together information on jobs and education in the finance sector to inform and educate so you can plan your education and career pathways.


There are a number of organisations that rank universities on the basis of specific aspects. When it comes to financial studies, there are quite a few to select from in the top 100-200 across the world.

In Australia, the University of Sydney, ANU and University of Melbourne are among a group of universities to consider

In the United States, the Ivy League universities of Harvard, Yale and MIT top an impressive collection

In the UK, Oxford, Cambridge, London Business School, London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) and University of Manchester are among the most prestigious for those wanting to study finance.

Across the rest of the world, we’ve compiled a list of some you may like to consider.


There are a wide selection of roles in the finance industry from entry level internships up to the most senior and highly regarded analysts.


The cost of tertiary education can be a high, especially in the most prestigious institutions. Not all students will have the capacity to cover their costs. We’ve compiled resources as to what scholarships are available worldwide to assist with tuition fees and other expenses.