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 .  General Language Resources

  . Daily Newspapers The day's news in the language of one's choice
 . Translation Aid Google's translation page for words, phrases, or web pages. See also: AltaVista
  . Study Abroad Programs Language and other programs, College Consortium for International Studies
  . Languages Abroad A selection of schools for learning languages in native settings. Also: AbroadLanguages
  . Vocabulary Drills Exercises for English, German, French, and Spanish. By Rene Kondratzky
  . Homework Center A well thought out set of links, including for languages  (Multnomah County Library)
  . UT Bookmarks Exhaustive list of language links, University of Toledo in Ohio

 english  English

  . English from BBC English language material from BBC World Service
  . News for Students Regular news summary with Vocabulary and Geography aids (New York Times)
  . World News From BBC in London. Also listen to Radio News
  . On-line Dictionary Cambridge Dictionaries Online. See also: Pronunciation Guides; and Synonyms
  . Wikipedia Free encyclopedia. Articles also in French, German, Spanish and Italian
  . Project Bartleby Prose, Poetry, and works of Reference (Columbia University, New York)
  . Literature Library Online Library, works of various authors (
  . Poem Texts Searchable database of poems, quotations, ... Also Shakespearen quotes
  . Shakespeare Collected works of the Bard, at University of Sydney
  . Literary Quotes Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, Bible, and other works (The Literature Network)
  . Shades-of-Meaning Check out a couple of synonyms, or homophones, every day (Terry Light)
  . Word Detective Regular columns on the origin of colloquial words and phrases (Evan Morris)
  . Phrase Search Search the classics for specific words/phrases (Perseus Project, Tufts University, MA)
  . Baker Street Connection For fans of Sherlock Holmes everywhere
  . E-Mail Abbreviations Standard e-mail abbreviations, and emoticons (Oxford University Press)
  . A variety of English language resources for students and teachers

 french  Français

  . Basic French A French course, with audio (Jacques Léon)
  . The French Experience A multimedia language course from the BBC, London
  . Bilingual Dictionary French/English dictionary ( Also Wiktionnaire at Wikipedia
  . Listen 'n Speak French phrases for travelers, with RealAudio (French Travel Gallery)
  . Civilisation française A look, in French, on aspects of French life (Marie Ponterio, SUNY at Cortland)
  . Electronic texts Public domain texts at ABU, Association des Bibliophiles Universels
  . An electronic library Index of the library at Bibliothèque municipale de Lisieux
  . FranceLink Radio broadcasts of RTL, RFI, Europe1, ..
  . Paris in Pictures Eric Baudelet's pictorial tour of Paris, with commentary in French
  . Internet Resources A selection of learning resources for students of French (Houghton Mifflin)
  . Nomade Guide des sites Internet en français
  . French in Paris Language courses, including for adults, at locations in Paris (Accord)
  . Study in Quebec Learn French at Université de Montréal, or at Université Laval in Quebec City
  . La Toile du Québec A directory of various Internet resources in French Canada

 german  Deutsch

  . Texts with notes Articles from (Goethe Institut). See also: wikibooks
  . Bilingual Dictionary By LEO GmbH, or at Also: Reverso (for entries with sample usage)
  . Deutsch Plus Multimedia course material from the BBC. Also: German for Work
  . Radio News Text and audio files (Deutsche Welle). Also live news (Bayerischer Rundfunk)
  . Projekt Gutenberg Resources, e.g. Eichendorff,   Rilke,   Shakespeare (in translation), ...
  . Franz Kafka Texts of Kafka's works, in German only
  . Karl May Biographical notes;  texts of select works, e.g. Der Schatz im Silbersee
  . Folk Songs Lyrics of folk songs, some with translations. For some melodies see: 20000 Volkslieder
  . The Right Word/Phrase List of anglicized words to avoid, with suggestions. Also: Acronyms and abbreviations
  . Weltalmanach World Almanac, with current updates (Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag)
  . Focus Online edition of the popular newsweekly magazine
  . Tagesschau News, German weather forecast, etc., from Hamburg
  . Study in Bavaria In picturesque Regensburg, at Horizonte (short- and long term courses)
  . In Munich At BWS Germanlingua (Munich or Berlin), or at Sprachbörse in Munich town center
  . Alpha Sprachinstitut A language school in Vienna (On-line exercises, placement tests)
  . ActiLingua Academy “Learn German - Experience Vienna!”, for music, winter sports, business ...

 italian  Italiano

  . Basic Phrases Useful phrases, with audio, for vacationers.   Also: Italian Steps (BBC)
  . Study Italian Italian for foreigners, all levels (Roberto Tartaglione)
  . ILUSS Reading material with excercises, and other resources (Italian Language USS)
  . Dictionary Italian-English dictionary at See also: Garzanti
  . Literary Anthology An anthology of Italian literature: poetry, theatre, religious works, ...
  . Proficiency Diplomas About tests, and diplomas in language proficiency, from Accademia Italiana di Lingua
  . Focus A general interest monthly magazine. Also: Panorama, a newsweekly
  . Cinema News Current movies, Italian and foreign (iCine)
  . Giornale Radio News, etc., in text and audio (Radiotelevisione Italiana)
  . CyberItalian Language lessons, with wav audio (Beginner and Intermediate levels)
  . Learn in Italy Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - locations in Rome, Milan, Florence and Siena
  . IT-Schools A directory of schools in Italy for language, arts, cooking, etc.

 spanish  Español

  . Basic Phrases Useful phrases, with audio, for vacationers (BBC)
  . Learning Spanish A list of Net resources   (Courtesy of  "Si, España",  Embassy of Spain in Ottawa)
  . TECLA Spanish language texts for students, with vocabulary notes
  . Learn Spanish Online tutorial, recommended books, directory of language schools, ...
  . García Lorca Complete works of Federico García Lorca
  . Spanish Poetry An Anthology, as put together by Fred Jehle of Indiana University
  . Cervantina On-line Spanish magazine, from Barcelona
  . Spanish Comics Los Tebeos de Siempre
  . Learn in Granada Spanish language courses at Escuela Montalbán in Granada
  . AulaDiez Online Spanish courses. Also: free interactive excercises and tests

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